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dreiser: (OLTL: Blair & Tea)
Sunday, October 30th, 2011 07:42 pm
No real news about AMC move online. We've got Ryan, Cara, and Jesse on the new show. One Life To Live is fairing a lot better with Viki, Clint, Blair, Natalie, John, Tomas, and Sean moving online. I wish we had news about Tea, Jessica, and Todd. Yeah, I'm referring to them by character names and not actors. It's just easier for my puny brain.

Still winding down from going to game seven. That was a party to end all parties. St. Louis loves its baseball and this was a crazy underdog come back from the dead a million times season for us. It's one for the history books and I'm super proud of my hometown team.

In other news Debbi Morgan and Melissa Claire Egan are moving to Y&R. I think Debbi is already on? I haven't been watching Y&R so I don't know. Debbi played Angie on AMC (love her) and Melissa Claire Egan played Annie on AMC. I love love love love love MCE. Her being on Y&R tempts me to try and do a little back history and watch the show again for she is made of fierce.

New Florence + The Machine album is fabulous and Cardinals rule all. I love them forever.
dreiser: (Cardinals: 2011 World Champs)
Sunday, October 23rd, 2011 03:24 am
Seriously. I don't care what we do or how much we pay. Albert Pujols must stay a redbird until he retires from the game of baseball. To have it otherwise would be a horrible blow to this team and the sports fans of St. Louis. Free agency makes me depressed. He has to stay with us. HAS TO. Albert! So much love. This game was epic.
dreiser: (Cardinals: 2006 World Champs)
Wednesday, October 19th, 2011 11:46 pm
It is not cute when you write children in fics as constantly replacing the letter/sound 'r' with the letter/sound 'w'. In fact, it is the opposite of cute. It is fucking annoying and slightly insulting to imply that just because a child is younger they can't pronounce things correctly. Not all children pronounce words wrong and write certain letters backwards. This constant assumption in fics that kids do this is aggravating to me and I don't even want children. It's just... you can write a child without writing them as doing these cliche verbal mispronunciations. There's plenty of ways to make it clear they're a young child besides having them mispronounce.

UGH. It grates on me. I'm reading a fic right now I love love love except everytime the kid talks it's fucking "fow" instead of "for" and argggh for the love of god have the kid fucking say things correctly. It's just as bad as writing out a southern accent overdone in dialogue. I cannot stand.

Also? Continue to suck it Rangers and fuck yeah, go Cards. I hope we end this shit by game four. That's right.
dreiser: (Adventure Time: Fionna)
Monday, October 17th, 2011 09:50 pm
Adventure Time! Haha. Sorry. Had to do it. If you're not watching this cartoon you simply must. It's probably my favorite thing on television after South Park. It's a fifteen minute show on Cartoon Network that is the definition of silly and random. It takes place in the Land of Ooo which is post-apocalyptic after the Mushroom War (nuclear war) and is populated by a variety of creatures from sugar filled candy people, a plethora of princesses, an Ice King, and Earclops. The main characters are Finn the Human (the last human as all the others have been mutated after the Mushroom War turning into various other things) who is 13 years old and Jake his best friend/brother (Jake's parents found Finn abandoned in the forest and raised him) a dog with Mr. Fantastic stretching powers. The show is about them going on adventures together and generally being awesome and endearing along with the other characters.

There's something unbelievably charming about this show. It's so simple that it's brilliant but what strikes me the most is the sheer likability and goodness of the characters on this show. I mean, I defy anyone to not love Finn, he's simply adorable. Even when genderswapped as Fionna in my icon.

In a show as awesome as Adventure Time it's hard to pick a favorite character. I myself, love Finn to bits, which is weird. Usually my favorite character is never the main character but Finn is so darn lovable. I love love love how there are a million different princesses (all of which the Ice King kidnaps) but out of all of them I find Lumpy Space Princess the most hilarious. This scene pretty much exemplifies her hilarity to me.

ETA: Cardinals are in the World Series! Now I say suck it Rangers. lol. Man, my fingers are so crossed.
dreiser: (Wondey: My Ass)
Friday, October 14th, 2011 09:40 pm
I only have Wondey icons for DC because I'm a Marvel girl through and through. Despite that I watch all comic book movies which is why I just got finished watching the Green Lantern movie and dude... DC couldn't have pooped out a more convoluted mess if they tried. It's like they made an effort to make Hal Jordan as dislikable as possible. Also, characterization seemed way off from what I know and read in the comics so that bugged me immensely. Either way, I cared so very little about what happened to Hal it wasn't even funny. The only thing I enjoyed in that movie was Sinestro.

I just... bad, man, so very bad. I hope new Superman movie redeems them and Anne Hathaway doesn't ruin Batman. In Marvel news, an expanded Avengers trailer is out and it is awesomeeee.

Eventually Steve and Tony will have to be BFFs and subtextually (if you can call it that in some comics) in love together but for now I like them snarking and as always Steve must call Tony on his bullshit. Also? I fangirl Chris Evans as Cap more than Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and I never thought that would happen but Chris is utterly perfect as Cap and I cannot deny it. I can't even say how happy I am to be proven wrong about him being good at playing that part.

Last but not least, go Cards! We're beating Brewers at the moment. I hope we keep it up. Suck it Milwaukee.
dreiser: (Star Trek: Janeway Coffee Funny)
Thursday, September 29th, 2011 11:20 pm
I'll be there this weekend doing many nerdy fun things involving friends, booze, and sci-fi type stuff. There's going to be a panel on b-movies and such and I'm super excited for that. Anywayyyy, if you're from the STL/IL area and are going to be there then drop me a line. I plan on having a blast at the room parties and being amused while watching live action Quidditch.
dreiser: (Cardinals: World Series Champs)
Monday, August 22nd, 2011 11:25 pm
Hahaha. Sorry. You'd have to be from Missouri, Illinois, or Iowa to get that joke. I think Minnesota too? Which is odd since that's nowhere close to the other locations. Anyway. Wehrenberg is a local chain of theaters here in STL which have their headquarters in Kansas City, MO. They've always been pretty cool but recently they've gotten so much better by enforcing a policy where people must turn off or put their cell phones on vibrate while in the movie theater. If they take a text or a call they have to leave the theater. If they instead decide to play on their phones during the movie they are removed from the theater without a refund.

This fills me with so much glee. Wehrenberg has always been good at their locations that allow alcohol about kicking out disruptive behavior but this just amplifies their already great service. I hate it when people fucking play on their phones during the movie. It's not like it's cheap to buy a ticket and you're fucking around on your phone instead of of paying attention to the movie you spent your money on? Plus it totally detracts from other peoples viewing experience and it's just a dick thing to do. I'm glad to see them take a stand against this.

I guess I'll be going to see Fright Night and Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark at a Wehrenberg theater. Wehrenberg was also where Katie and I went on the massive all day Harry Potter marathon that included free lunch and various other nerd related goodies. It was a fun experience.
dreiser: (Captain America: Wank)
Monday, November 22nd, 2010 05:15 pm
Apparently St. Louis is the most dangerous city in the United States. As a native who has lived all over the country and loves her hometown I find that a little... unbelievable. Ours isn't a large city so I'm not sure how we beat out cities like NYC, Detroit, Chicago, or LA. Anyway, dangerous or not I love STL and give the finger to that study.