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June 18th, 2013

dreiser: (Utena: Juri Angst)
Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 09:00 pm
Allaine is ending his web radio show, Femslash 4 Fans, and I've been invited to be on one of the last of episodes. I'm sad to see it ending but I'm happy he asked me to be a part of it. If you want to listen to me babble the show starts at 10 pm EST Thursday, June 20th, and I'll be on at 10:45 pm.

Here's the official blurb:

Now that F4F has not only marked its fourth anniversary of being on the air, but also entered its final month of broadcasting, we’ll be spending all of June celebrating that which made this program great. Don’t worry, no self-congratulation here, of course I’m talking about the guests. For each show in June, we’ll have on four (and occasionally five) guests who made at least one prior appearance to talk about what they’ve been up to since then. Maybe they’ve continued to write fanfic for the same television show. Maybe they’ve moved onto something new, and moved again. Maybe it’s original fiction now. Or maybe they’ve stopped writing altogether. We’ll also be returning to the show’s roots by hosting shows weekly instead of biweekly, so that’s sixteen former guests, each speaking for fifteen minutes at a time. Tonight we’ll begin with Grdnofevrything (who first appeared on F4F on 7/2/2009) at 10 PM EST, followed by Kim Pritekel (6/14/10) at 10:15, Inspector Boxer (9/3/09) at 10:30, and Dreiser (6/25/09) at 10:45 PM. Tune in, because really, someone just might be talking about whatever thing you love best.

As for what I'll be talking about...  )