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Femslash 4 Fans: Saying Goodbye

Allaine is ending his web radio show, Femslash 4 Fans, and I've been invited to be on one of the last of episodes. I'm sad to see it ending but I'm happy he asked me to be a part of it. If you want to listen to me babble the show starts at 10 pm EST Thursday, June 20th, and I'll be on at 10:45 pm.

Here's the official blurb:

Now that F4F has not only marked its fourth anniversary of being on the air, but also entered its final month of broadcasting, we’ll be spending all of June celebrating that which made this program great. Don’t worry, no self-congratulation here, of course I’m talking about the guests. For each show in June, we’ll have on four (and occasionally five) guests who made at least one prior appearance to talk about what they’ve been up to since then. Maybe they’ve continued to write fanfic for the same television show. Maybe they’ve moved onto something new, and moved again. Maybe it’s original fiction now. Or maybe they’ve stopped writing altogether. We’ll also be returning to the show’s roots by hosting shows weekly instead of biweekly, so that’s sixteen former guests, each speaking for fifteen minutes at a time. Tonight we’ll begin with Grdnofevrything (who first appeared on F4F on 7/2/2009) at 10 PM EST, followed by Kim Pritekel (6/14/10) at 10:15, Inspector Boxer (9/3/09) at 10:30, and Dreiser (6/25/09) at 10:45 PM. Tune in, because really, someone just might be talking about whatever thing you love best.

The gist of my current fandom life is this:

I'm trying to catch up on Lost Girl in order to write Bo/Tamsin fic since I ship them like burning. I want to start watching Orphan Black for Cosima and Delphine along with what I hear is an awesome plot/series. I really MUST watch Defiance because it takes place in my hometown of St. Louis (STL REPRESENT!) plus it stars Julie Benz, plus plus it also stars Mia Kirshner, plus plus plus it has the pretty that is Jaime Murray.

As for writing fanfic, I haven't had a lot of time for it with my weird constant traveling to a new city every week lifestyle for work but as I have the month of June and most of July off, I've been getting some shit done. I'm 10k words into my Utena/Marimite crossover that has Juri as Rosa Chinensis en bouton and ahhh, Juri is so cute in it all y'all! I'm also contemplating writing a sequel to my Lois Lane/Wonder Woman fanfic. I didn't have any ideas about the plot beyond Lois meets the Amazons but now I think it would be cool if Diana came back for a visit with Lois during the awesome The Contest storyline where she loses her title of Wonder Woman to Artemis. That could be a cool storyline to reinterpret with Lois Lane as a part of it.

Anyway! Here's a taste of the Juri in Marimite fic I've got in the works. It still needs a title though.


After kendo practice the following day, Juri sensed a familiar presence and she looked up to see Youko observing from the sidelines. Juri raised an eyebrow and removed her men, holding it under her arm as she tugged off her kote and walked over to Youko.

“You did well,” Youko complimented. “You even scored a point against Rei. That’s more than admirable, that’s almost impossible. I thought you were new to the sport?”

“I learn quickly,” said Juri, very matter of fact.

“A very useful talent,” observed Youko and she looked around Juri to the other club members who were curiously observing them, despite Rei’s efforts to disperse the crowd. “Would you mind if I waited for you?”

It was there on the tip of her tongue. A sharp remark. Something biting and insulting that would drive Youko away. But it never made it past her lips and Juri wasn’t sure why. Was it because Youko was a part of the Yamayurikai like Rei? Or because, even with her veiled intentions, Juri suspected that Youko wasn’t up to anything manipulative or malicious? Juri had a flash of smiling purple eyes that always had a hard glint behind them and her chest felt constricted, as it always did when she thought of Shiori, but Youko... her eyes were nothing like that. They were smiling, but there was a gentleness too, and it was reassuring.

“If you want,” said Juri shortly, turning on her heel and heading towards the locker rooms.

“I do want!” Youko called out, a playful smile curving on her lips, causing Juri to huff.

When she returns, Youko is leaning against the far wall of the kendo hall, holding her bag neatly in front of her and Juri can’t help but think she looks every bit the dignified lady. Youko isn’t a threat, certainly, but in this moment Juri considers her a force to be reckoned with. Though she’s not entirely sure why she is convinced of this.

“You’re back,” Youko welcomed her with a gleam in her eyes.

“You waited,” Juri replied dryly, walking out of the kendo hall, aware without looking that Youko would follow.

“You said that I could,” reminded Youko as she smoothly walked in step with Juri.

“I didn’t realize doing that was so very momentous,” said Juri, affecting a bored tone. She glanced at Youko out of the corner of her eye and saw the older girl had a smile tugging at her lips. Juri was lost as to what was so amusing.

“You can’t be unaware of your reputation, Arisugawa-san,” said Youko in that same chiding tone she had used in the Rose Mansion. “You’re seen as a lone wolf who only finds sanctuary in the presence of her contemporary.”

Snorting at this, Juri remarked, “They might have me right but they’re blind when it comes to Rei.” Youko laughed quietly at this and murmured her agreement and Juri paused, studying her for a moment. “Juri,” she said suddenly and Youko turned to her with a questioning expression, “you can call me that.”

“If you will call me Youko?” asked Youko and there was a sly look in her eyes and Juri stopped for a moment. She was reminded sharply of Shiori and Youko is observant, again like Shiori, but where there would have been glee at a recognition of some sort of weakness instead there is concern. Youko wasn’t Shiori. There was no history between them and Juri was glad for it. Though she instinctively moved away before Youko could clasp her arm.

“Youko,” Juri agreed with a nod, starting up her walk again.

Juri doesn’t look at Youko again during their walk out of Lillian but she’s certain Youko is smiling throughout it. She can practically hear it in her voice as they part ways at the gate and the next day Juri paused, for only a second, when she finds Youko waiting for her at the entrance. They walk in perfect step with one another, stopping at Maria-sama for the prayer, and Juri sighed quietly as they resume walking and tugged at her neckerchief.

“I hate this uniform,” said Juri and she doesn’t know why she’s telling Youko this. The silence had been perfectly comfortable, after all, and it isn’t like she’s someone to fill their days with idle chatter.

“Oh?” Youko lifted an eyebrow, looking curious. “Why is that?”

“It’s formless,” Juri settled on this description and Youko laughs, causing Juri to glance at her. A smile forms, small as it is, and Juri continued, “I’m sure you’re aware I was on the student council at my former school.” When Youko gave a nod, Juri snorted in amusement. She knew she was right about the Roses. All three of them had vastly different personalties but they were all sharp as a tack and were highly resourceful. “I wore a special uniform because I was on the council.”

“You enjoy being set apart?” asked Youko and there was a tinge of disbelief in her voice.

“No,” said Juri, eyeing Youko sardonically now.

“I didn’t think you would,” said Youko, a knowing look on her features. “After all,” she drawled, moving closer to Juri as they walked along, gracing her with a charming smile, “you stand out naturally. Much to your dismay,” Youko finished.

“I’m used to it,” said Juri shortly, hoping this would be enough to stall this line of discussion. Youko simply gave a small imperceivable shrug of her shoulders. “I miss the pants.” She paused to reconsider. “And the jacket. It was fitted.” Youko was silent for a moment then a small chuckle emerged from her lips and Juri scowled slightly, staring at the other girl. “It’s not funny,” she said peevishly, unable to help feeling just a little bit irritated at Youko’s reaction.

“It is,” Youko insisted and before Juri could register it, Youko moved closer, hooking her arm with Juri’s. She pressed her shoulder against Juri’s and smiled warmly up at her. “Juri,” she practically cajoled, “you miss pants. Not your classmates, not your campus, not your classes, not even your cafeteria food. Just the pants you wore. It’s funny. Admit it.”

Considering Youko’s words and finding herself returning the smile, Juri said reluctantly, “Perhaps.”

“That’s agreeing,” said Youko decisively, nodding her head. “I’ve decided.”

Juri didn’t reply, she simply rolled her eyes then added, “I said I miss the jacket too.”

In response, Youko laughed again and Juri fought another smile as they entered the school. Unaware, for once, of all the eyes on her because she found herself entirely focused on Youko.


And that's that! lol. I have a lot more written but that gives you a taste of Youko and Juri's relationship and just why/how they'll end up as soeurs.

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