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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 11:07 pm
I love them sooooo much as friends. The whole Lord/Manning/Cramer/Delgado extended family is the best thing ever on OLTL and there are so many fantastic things on that soap. Today was a really good episode for Blair/Tea friendship as Blair finally (yeah, right) chooses between Todd and Tea's brother Tomas as her love interest. She goes with Tomas.

Blair tells Tea about this and Tea is sort of hesitant because she, rightly, doesn't think Blair is really over Todd. Her hesitation makes Blair scoff that of course Tea doesn't approve of her being with Tea's brother, bringing up their old antimosity and Tea's response is to extol all of Blair's best qualities with complete and utter sincerity. Ohhh, it makes me ship them so. I can't say how much I love Tea and Blair being friends. I do see femslash with them but I love their canon friendship so much that it alone pleases me. Of course, I still ship TnV like mad. I wish they'd bring back Victor from the dead in time to see Tea have their baby.

Anyway! Blair/Tea cuteness is 48 seconds into the video.