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dreiser: (Avengers: Stephanie)
Friday, June 29th, 2012 11:13 pm
TITLE: Right Place, Right Time
SERIES: The Avengers (Movie-verse)
AUTHOR: Dreiser
CONTENT: F/F romance. F/F sex. Alternate Universe. Genderswap. Always a girl.
PAIRING: Captain America/Iron Maiden. Stephanie Rogers/Toni Stark.
SUMMARY: Stephanie Rogers never thought being frozen in Antarctica for seventy years was a case of being at the right place, at the right time. At least, that's until she got to know Toni Stark.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing but my collection of Marvel t-shirts.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: First time writing genderswap. I just got the idea in my head and I couldn't let go of it. Hopefully that's a good thing. At least it was fun to write.

A Betty Grable that could kill Nazis, at least )
dreiser: (Mini Marvels: Cap)
Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 06:09 pm
I'm in the process of writing the outline for a fairly long one-shot that involves genderswitched Steve Rogers/Tony Stark aka Stephanie Rogers/Toni Stark. Problem is, other than my personal accounts I'm not sure where to post it... I imagine there are some genderswitch communities but most femslash communities tend to not accept these kinds of fics.

So, any suggestions for good communities on LJ or DW to post this fic? It's strangely fun to write. I'm going with the idea that Stephanie Rogers was enlisted nurse and worked with Dr. Erskine and when Nazis saboteur attacked she ended up going through the process rather than let the work be stolen or destroyed. I'm writing with the angle of her history as a combat nurse and being enlisted as a large influence on her personality.

Anyway. I think it'll be a good fic when I'm done, just need to know where to post.
dreiser: (Avengers: Scarlet Witch)
Monday, June 11th, 2012 06:46 pm
TITLE: A State of Love & Trust
SERIES: The Avengers
UNIVERSE: Movie-verse/Comic-verse fusion
AUTHOR: Dreiser
GTALK: dreiser7
CONTENT: F/F romance. F/F sex. Black Widow/Scarlet Witch. Natasha Romanoff/Wanda Maximoff.
SUMMARY: Love and trust didn't come easily to the Black Widow except, it seemed, when it involved the Scarlet Witch.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing but my happiness about all Marvel movies.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: As much as I love Natasha I wish she hadn't been the sole female superhero in the Avengers movie. Wanda has always been my favorite female Avenger and I just felt like writing them together. If you don't know anything about Wanda then here's a bit of info.

Natasha was fascinated, too much for her own good )