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September 23rd, 2011

dreiser: (AMC: Nu!Kinks)
Friday, September 23rd, 2011 07:17 pm
The ABC finale of AMC aired today and it was cliffhangery. I liked it and I'm less anxious than I was because it wasn't really a repeat of the Madolvian Massacre in the fact that it's probably just one person that JR took out but it could be nearly anyone. I hope not Bianca/Marissa or Erica and Kendall. We'll see what happens when the show comes back. I wonder how they're going to film all of it though. They will definitely have to recast JR since Jacob Young signed onto Bold & The Beautiful. Anyway. Today's show with all the old school characters back made me irrationally wish we could somehow keep them all once the show begins online. I doubt that will ever happen but it was so great seeing all those characters together again.

Still! It was a decent way to "end" things until it starts online. I know some people aren't happy because it wasn't dramatic enough for them but honestly... I didn't want to see a gigantic scene with JR just taking out all these people as if it was Scarface done daytime style. That's just stupid to me. The way they ended things, I think it's pretty clear that only one person got shot and it could be anyone at that party. Which leaves me hopeful about the state of my various Kane/Montgomery/Lavery/Tasker people. Hopefully we'll be seeing AMC beginning in January at the same time as OLTL for the web series. In the meantime, I'm a sad person and picked up the special AMC edition of People Magazine.

Oh, I don't think I ever got to reply to these questions on last night's show about AMC. My favorite couple (other than Bianca/Marissa) is a tie with Erica/Dimitri and Brooke/Adam. Worst storyline throughout the years? Reversing Erica's groundbreaking abortion. I never understood the logic in that. And I'm going to miss (temporarily) checking in Monday - Friday with all these odd fictional characters with their various dramas who have somehow worked their way into my heart like they were real people.
dreiser: (X-Men: Angry Kitty)
Friday, September 23rd, 2011 09:37 pm
Just rewatched it with Katie and the brother. Forgot how bad January Jones really is. She's totally like someone cosplaying Emma Frost at Comic Con. Sort of sad, if she wasn't in the movie, I think I'd love everything about it.