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Friday, January 13th, 2012 10:44 pm
WB Shop is having a major sale on its dvds and after years of meaning to I've finally gotten the complete series for Babylon 5 (including the tv movies) for $72 which is sixty dollars cheaper than anywhere else.

Bruce Boxleitner, how I love you so. lol. Can't wait to watch it again.
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Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 08:47 pm
Been hearing about it forever and finally watched it today (mostly by myself and the end few eps with the gf) and mannnn, I love it. I mean, it's nothing like unexpected in terms of plot but I love ghost stories and I love mild horror and I love drama and angst ridden romance and well, yeah, this has it all. Plus an evil house filled with awesome ghosts.

My favorite is Nora hands down. I squee everytime she shows up in her pretty time period outfits crying about her lost baby. Poor sad Nora. I had a weird moment of shippiness when Hayden showed up to snarkily comfort Nora and talk about dead babies together while hating on Vivian. Also, I really liked Hayden once she died. She's strangely fun as a ghost. She cracked me up when she had sex with Travis and said she just did it to see if she could fuck the living. Anywayyy, Nora/Hayden everybody! lol.

ETA: Livejournal seems to be getting shittier by the moment so I'm going to import my journal over to Dreamwidth and do crossposting from there. If anyone is on Dreamwidth and has some good femslash communities (and otherwise) to recommend let me know. I'll continue to post femslash here as well but with how things are going I should start looking into fic posting places over there. Really didn't want to do this as a creature of habit but LJ keeps making crappy changes and not taking their userbase in account at all.
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Friday, November 18th, 2011 12:58 am
Prospect Park announced they might not go through with continuing All My Children online (which bums me out severely) but they're full steam ahead with One Life To Live. The reasoning being they don't have that many people signed on for AMC, including La Lucci, while they have a HUGE amount of important cast members signed on for OLTL.

Including Florencia Lozano aka Tea I'm The Most Bad Ass Attorney Ever Delgado!! Ahhh, fangirl squee of love and joy. I adore Tea above all other females on OLTL. Her and Blair's frenemy relationship is my OTP on that show and yay for seeing more awesome Tea/Dani mother/daughter scenes for I love them dearly.

Also? They signed on David Vickers. Yay! If only Dorian hadn't said no. AMC bums me out because above all else I'm a huge Bianca Montomery fangirl and Christina Bennett Lind's interpretation of the character was made of fabulous.

Still. I have Tea now. So much joy for Tea.
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Sunday, October 30th, 2011 07:42 pm
No real news about AMC move online. We've got Ryan, Cara, and Jesse on the new show. One Life To Live is fairing a lot better with Viki, Clint, Blair, Natalie, John, Tomas, and Sean moving online. I wish we had news about Tea, Jessica, and Todd. Yeah, I'm referring to them by character names and not actors. It's just easier for my puny brain.

Still winding down from going to game seven. That was a party to end all parties. St. Louis loves its baseball and this was a crazy underdog come back from the dead a million times season for us. It's one for the history books and I'm super proud of my hometown team.

In other news Debbi Morgan and Melissa Claire Egan are moving to Y&R. I think Debbi is already on? I haven't been watching Y&R so I don't know. Debbi played Angie on AMC (love her) and Melissa Claire Egan played Annie on AMC. I love love love love love MCE. Her being on Y&R tempts me to try and do a little back history and watch the show again for she is made of fierce.

New Florence + The Machine album is fabulous and Cardinals rule all. I love them forever.
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Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 01:29 am
I've been watching Katie play too much Pokemon again. Anyway. Totally out of nowhere, we get a cute scene with Bianca/Marissa today and thus I'm sharing. AMC has been pretty awesome but I think OLTL still eclipses it. Still, nothing is better than the cuteness of my favorite lesbian soap couple.

ETA: That freeze frame for the YouTube clip totally makes it look like Bianca is perving on Kendall. lol. Or do I just love Kinks so much I see it everywhere? I should write fanfic for them too.

Also? This is the best music video for them I've seen and it makes me want to write more fanfic about how absolutely perfect Bianca and Marissa are for each other and how Marissa is the best gf ever for Bianca.

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Saturday, August 6th, 2011 02:16 am
Honestly. This whole thing with the two Todds is torturing me (exaggeration obviously) on One Life To Live. The storyline is delicious, it really is, but it kills me because I know that Trevor St. John is leaving the show before it officially goes off the air in January and while I love Roger Howarth for originating the role of Todd, TSJ owns the role now and I hate the idea of his Todd being the fake one.

Particularly since I love TnT (aka Todd/Tea) like burning and TSJ Todd owns that ship like burning, imho. RH Todd is more about Blair and as much as I love Blair I fangirl more over Tea than her. Just slightly because I do love Blair but Tea is my hands down favorite female character on OLTL closely followed by Tess. Who only got... what... two days of happiness with Ford before Jessica came back? Sadness!

Anyway. OLTL is so fucking good. It always is though. I have irrational loyalty to AMC as my favorite soap but the rational part of my brain has to acknowledge OLTL is the better written soap opera. Probably always has been. I mean, I almost never fast forward characters on OLTL but I do that a lot with AMC. Mostly Jake/Amanda. So dull.

So that's that. I love the two Todds storyline because it's delicious angst and is well written soapy drama but I hate hate hate it's going to rip apart the sheer epic awesome that is TSJ version TnT which is my favorite ship on the show. I just hope that Blair/Tea remain BFF's when this whole thing is through. I love their friendship so.
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Monday, July 18th, 2011 09:13 pm
Seriously AMC! Why take away my hate? It's festered for KWAK ever since the babyswitch debacle where she hardly served one day of her 10 year sentence for switching the lab results and led first Babe then Bianca to believe Miranda was dead and that baby girl was Babe and JR's. Babe got most of the reign of fire blame for that horrible fiasco it was really Krystal's doing. I twitched when Bianca returned with Reese and she let Krystal hold Gabrielle. I almost shouted at the television, totally channeling the comatose Kendall, "Binks! WTF are you doing! This woman kept Mimo from you for nine months! She let you believe your oldest daughter was dead and now you're going to let her hold and cozy up to your newborn?! NOOOOO."

But I, like so many soap fans, am fickle and now I sorta love KWAK. I'm doing a LJ cut for soap opera fangirl rambling and SPOILERS discussion/pix/video )
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Friday, July 15th, 2011 08:26 pm
HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS. Sarah Michelle Gellar is going to be on All My Children before it ends on ABC and moves to the web. Duuuuude. What the hell. Original Recipe Kendall meets her most awesome (and best done) recast? This is crazy. I can't wait.

In celebration of this awesomeness here is one of my favorite Original Recipe Kendall clips. You know, I really really really want Eden Riegel to show up with Elizabeth Hendrickson to just float around in the background with SMG now. It would be delicious. Although Eden never did act with SMG. Just the bad assery that is Alicia Minshew's Kendall.

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Friday, July 15th, 2011 02:40 am
She totally did. And she should. Marissa full out confessed she's in love with Bianca with JR in the room and holy shit, this is moving super fast (but hey, this was all filmed/written when the show wasn't continuing on the web) but I will not complain and I don't understand the imbeciles who do because it's FUCKING AWESOME.

Bianca is totally with her pimp game at the end. She walks up to JR, stares him down, then swaggers on out of the mansion. Awww, yeah. lol. It's pretty hilarious. I love JR but it was such a subtle Bianca power moment I had to revel in it. Ah, AMC. I love you.

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Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 08:03 pm
Or at least, that's what I'd like for them to carve in that tree. You know they have to do it, seriously, it's too ridiculously romantic for them to ignore. It must be done. Anyway, yesterday and today's All My Children proves without a doubt that thus far Marissa is the best girlfriend candidate Bianca has ever had.

LJ Cut for video proof of Marissa's awesomeness )
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Thursday, July 7th, 2011 08:57 pm
So it turns out the web rumors are actually true. All My Children and One Life To Live have both been licensed by Prospect Park and will be continuing as online web series! This was just announced officially by ABC today so details are a bit scarce. The actors have been released from their contracts so I'm not sure who is coming along for the web series of the shows (other than La Lucci who has confirmed she will be there in all her Erica Kane glory) and where they'll be airing online.

Either way, I'm super fucking excited you guys! My soaps live on. I sort of wonder how the end game storylines will change because of this since certain characters who are returning are just a one time thing and are played by actors who didn't make the trip from NYC to LA soooo... hmm.

Anyway! In the land of Bianca/Marissa things have gotten severely awesome.

LJ Cut for videos and happiness )
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Monday, July 4th, 2011 01:58 pm
I'm in Wisconsin celebrating Fourth of July with Katie's family for a few days but being a nerd I brought my laptop and I open it up to find out about this...

All My Children why are you so fucking awesome right before you get cancelled? I will never get over you leaving me. I will be sad face for a long time. No soap will replace you in my heart. I swear it.

Some negative Nancy's online are being all, "Bianca looks like an awkward straight girl in that kiss." Which, yeah, okay, I give into that analysis but please, give her a break. I don't think I'd be completely passionate kiss after Marissa does a 180 and says she's all into her after claiming to be straight, straight, straight. So, you know, I think we'll get good kisses later, but right now I can see why Binks would hold back some and not completely go for it with that kiss.
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Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 11:13 pm
I will upload scenes from today's episode as soon as they hit YouTube, you guys. I simply must. It was SO GOOD and makes me incredibly sad this show has been cancelled.

LJ Cut because this got long like woah )
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Thursday, April 28th, 2011 09:39 pm
I've been neglecting my obsessive All My Children video posting, probably out of depression that my all time favorite soap opera has been cancelled, but no more! It has returned because fuck it all, I want Bianca happy when they end this and I'll throw a severe shit fit pout if it doesn't happen. Also, ditto for Erica and Kendall.

LJ Cut for a mammoth amount of Bianca/Marissa related AMC videos )
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Thursday, April 14th, 2011 07:21 pm
Everyone has been calling/texting me all day because they knew of my inevitable heartbreak over All My Children and One Life To Live being cancelled. AMC has until September of this year and OLTL is on until January 2012. At this point, I just hope Jack/Erica are together, Bianca gets her happy ending with Marissa, and maybe we'll get lucky and Zach will come back from the dead to be with Kendall.

OLTL has longer to wrap up their storylines so I have more hope for that show ending well, especially since the writing has been fabulous lately. I just really hope the send off on both shows is a happy and good one for the characters I care a really sad amount about.

As for all the people who comment that of course they got cancelled, soaps are such a stupid and low form of entertainment with shit writing, I ask them what the fuck do they think Grey's Anatomy or any other number of primetime shows are. They're soaps that are on at night. You're not on some entertainment high horse. Stop being assholes when people are genuinely bummed over this.

Blerh. Anyway. I guess when everything goes down I'll convert to watching Y&R. At least I know some of the characters on that show and care about them. Plus it has Eden and Liz.
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Thursday, March 24th, 2011 07:38 pm
It feels like I'm doing that with all these videos but whatever. It's my LJ I can post what I want. Just a few short scenes with them but I didn't even expect to see more Bianca/Marissa today. Spoilers said we just got two days of them not three but color me excited!

Scenes are at 0:41 and 9:42 minutes in.

Hand holding and discussing of love lives while looking at each other with big affectionate eyes. Hello anvils again. Also, is it just me or do these two just gravitate really close together when they're next to each other? As much as I find all this encouraging I really didn't like the way Bianca looked at the end of that last scene. I don't want her pining over Marissa who is torn betwixt Bianca and JR. If they do this I want Marissa to keep up her stance on JR is crap for me and unwittingly finds herself falling for Bianca because, you know, that's what happens to all of Bianca's women. They start talking to her, they hang out, they're friends, then all of sudden crazy in love! lol. Well, maybe not all of a sudden but Bianca has a thing about making people fall for her.

But she also has been known to angst over people and I had enough of that with the ongoing Maggie saga for several years and I don't want to see it replayed now. So please, no pining. Have Marissa fall for Bianca first or at least acknowledge it before Bianca goes into angst mode because Bianca angsting over women is the worst.
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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 11:16 pm
If you love All My Children like I do, please contact ABC and ask them to not cancel the show because there are apparently rumors they plan on doing just that. I hope that doesn't happen because this is my favorite soap opera and I've watched it since I was a child and they finally seem to be getting some of their shit together in terms of Bianca romance.

LJ Cut for videos and explanation of why I'm fangirling )
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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 11:10 pm
Somewhat boringly but hey, it's leading to Bianca/Marissa bonding, and I sort of like how because of AMC's weird stance against recasting Reese she's never actually there, she's just spoken about and eluded to. Which makes this divorce and custody battle a little easier to deal with in terms of viewer bearability.

LJ Cut for more videos and shipping analysis )
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Wednesday, March 16th, 2011 11:43 pm
First Frankie and Maggie now Babe and Marissa. Anyway! Today's episode was filled with cuteness and Kendall as an unwitting chaperone. You know, I think that Marissa might just turn out to be the only girlfriend of Bianca's that big sis might approve of. I swear, they're setting them up so hard you guys.

LJ Cut for videos of adorable and loud shrieking during game of tag )
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Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 03:04 pm
As another seems to be setting sail. For those of you who aren't obsessed with forty one year old soap operas, on All My Children their lesbian heroine, Bianca Montgomery, is currently in the process of divorcing her wife Reese Williams. Ever since Bianca's recast, which was eight or nine months ago, and return to town her relationship with Reese has been reduced to long distance phone calls and elusions that their break up was in the works.

Well, now it's finally happening.

LJ Cut for AMC videos and soap opera rambling )