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dreiser: (Toyfare: The Answer Is DOOM)
Saturday, January 7th, 2012 12:50 am
I love that Katie indulges/shares my curiousity of oddities. Also that she's up for playing whatever weird game is created out of the ether. Was recently reminded of the hilariousness that is Hatoful Boyfriend and the drama that is pigeon love. Mac version doesn't work that well so I got Katie to download the game onto her laptop. It's seriously cracking me up.

I think we have to go for Sakuya. Got to dig that fanned tail. Then again, knowing my experience with Katie playing Choice of Games: Romance we'll probably end up arguing over our pigeon romantic interest. Is it sad I find this stuff fun to do with my gf? Whatever. I should find other dating sims to play with her.

Anywayyyy, ~Sakuya~, of the fanned tail. Dreamy. rofl.

dreiser: (MST3K: Tom Servo Suit)
Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 04:07 pm
Just got back from Wisconsin with Katie. Had a great time with her enormous family during Christmas. During our drive back I played around on my laptop and found this choose your own adventure type game that Katie and I played. It's called Choice of Games: Romance and the sequel is Choice of Games: Intrigue. It's basically like... magic/adventure/Harlequin choose your own adventure in Spanish court type of thing.

Katie and I had a blast playing it on the way home. Although we kept bickering about which suitor to choose. She was all about the Queen and I sort of liked de Mendosa. Anyway! If you like romances as much as I do it's a fun game to play.
dreiser: (Wondey: My Ass)
Monday, November 28th, 2011 12:24 am
Ordered a ton of dvds from the animated DCU series because of awesome holiday sales. I'm most pleased with myself. While I do love Marvel more in terms of comic books and live action movies I can't really get into their animated series. Except 1990's X-Men that is. But I love all the DC animated shows. Batman: TAS, Superman: TAS, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Batman: Brave & Bold, Teen Titans, etc. Really great stuff, imho.

Been trying to read Wonder Woman femslash. Katie is right to whinge. There is a severe lack of it and it baffles, honestly, because who is more femslashy than Wondey?

In my reading I found a really great series on AO3 that flips the trinity (Supes, Bats, Wondey) around. In the fic, Diana is raised by the Kents and she basically takes over Superman's role in Metropolis complete with Lois OTP romance. It's pretty fabulous and makes me want to write a fic using the concept.

Not with Diana being raised by the Kents, but instead her coming to Metropolis instead of Superman and her ostensibly being the hero of that city while Clark maybe settles in maybe Star City or Gateway City and is a more international hero (I don't really care about that though). Basically the fic would be setting up Lois as an out lesbian and Wondey as her superhero love at first sight.

It's a thought. I think I'll hold off writing anything until I watch all the Justice League and Superman dvds I ordered. I do love Lois and Diana so if I write anything I want their voices right. Of course, I can also go through Katie's extensive comic collection for that too. She's pretty into the idea of me writing this even as a one shot.
dreiser: (Batman: Catwoman)
Saturday, November 26th, 2011 12:25 am
Katie is a longtime DC Comics fan. Just as much as I am for Marvel. Her big love in the DCU is the Batfamily followed closely by Wonder Woman. Anywayyyy. Today we had a Batman movie marathon with a bunch of our friends. Well, a marathon of the good movies, that is. Namely the Burton and Nolan ones along with a few of the animated specials.

Watching Batman Returns makes me nostalgic for the fucking seductive awesome of Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman. I mean, I know her origins story in the movie is completely different from the comics but damn is she made of fierce and she really sold the part. I reserve judgement on Anne Hathaway but I find it hard to believe Michelle's portrayal can ever be topped.

Evidence Follows... )
dreiser: (Mr. Schadenfreude)
Friday, January 28th, 2011 10:23 pm
Katie's parents are in STL for the weekend and we went out to lunch with them. She's from this area outside of Green Bay called Hobart. Anyway, she was oddly nervous about us meeting and I wasn't sure why. She's been out of the closet since she was seventeen and her parents reaction was basically, "Oh. We already knew you were gay." And they're totally accepting PFlag type parents so I was a bit perplexed about it.

Then we meet up for lunch at Cicero's and suddenly it makes sense. Her dad is full out seriously wearing a wolf t-shirt. One of those hardcore ones with intense graphics to make the wolf look more bad ass and he's not wearing it as a joke. It's just that he actually likes it. I mean, I didn't react to it. Like laugh or make a weird face but I could totally sense Katie being like, she's laughing inside and I hate my gf for it, but lunch was fun. Her folks are really nice and funny and her dad is sort of like one of those mad scientist engineers and I now can see why Katie has that tendency. Plus her mom completely has Katie's deadpan "WTF are you stupid?" type of attitude so it was cool seeing where she gets those aspects of her personality from which really amuse me and make me love her.

Anyway! We're in the car after lunch and I can feel Katie glaring at me and I know it's about the wolf t-shirt but I say nothing then she just explodes.

Katie: He just likes wolves, okay?! He thinks they're cool! We don't say anything about it!
Me: I thought the wolf t-shirt looked very nice on him.
Katie: Fuck you. I knew you'd make fun of this.
Me: I didn't say anything! You're the one who brought it up.
Katie: He just likes wolf t-shirts.
Me: Does he volunteer at wolf sanctuaries?
Katie: I hate you.

So that was my afternoon. I'm not sure if Katie's mad at me but I didn't do anything you guys. It was all in MY HEAD but apparently Katie knows me well enough to resent my thoughts at this point. lol. Oh yeah, and for those curious, I think I found a picture of the wolf t-shirt in question online. This one looks pretty close to it except it was blue instead of black and the outline of the wolf jumping was like... glittery silver? Awesome.

dreiser: (TTT: Doom Yes!)
Saturday, August 7th, 2010 08:26 pm
Katie was obsessive and wanted to listen to John from Star Clipper Comics on Max On Movies today. Because of this, she managed to call in and get free tickets to the premiere of Scott Pilgrim this Tuesday. She loves the comic and has been super excited about the movie. So yay on obsessive gf who shares some of my nerdy habits. I get to see it early because of that and her.
dreiser: (Pulp Novel: Satan Was A Lesbian)
Saturday, January 23rd, 2010 08:00 pm
Katie just discovered I have a collection of lesbian pulp novels, mostly stuff by Ann Bannon and a few others, and has been reading it all day apparently. She got so excited I gathered all of them up in a box and loaned them to her so she could read them. I just came over to her apartment after doing some random errands after work and she's totally absorbed in the books. I've already read all these books, obviously since they're mine, but she insisted on reading some out loud to me.

And now I'm convinced I really need to take her to a convention to hang out with some of my nerdier friends because based on her reading of Another Kind Of Love by Paula Christian she's a really kick ass person to read bad fanfic out loud. I'm going to make her do a dramatic reading of My Immortal fanfic now. lol. It's just necessary.

ETA: I just got done explaining about Malory Towers and The Naughtiest Girl series by Enid Blyton and now she's demanding in an obnoxiously cute manner to be loaned those books as well to read. Also? I'm super excited to learn she shares my sad love of Sweet Valley High. Although she didn't recall the tv series which I own on dvd.

I'm bringing that over for us to watch sometime soon. I just wish it had some Jessica/Lila subtext in it. I ship them so hard. Jessica is the fun twin, after all.
dreiser: (Annie: Miss Hannigan Hic!)
Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 01:06 pm
I'm not sure why but it's a required course for my hopeful transfer into the St. Louis College of Pharmacy. Thus I'm taking it. My first class was this morning and I wasn't looking forward to it. I'm not a fan of sociology or psychology and the ensuring discussions that result from such classes. I think the only class I dreaded more (but thankfully always was able to avoid) is gender studies.

Anyway! Today after we went through the syllabus my professor, who looks younger than me and that's something which strangely disturbs me despite the fact she has a PhD, said this: Rip a piece of paper in half and give half of it to the person sitting next to you. Then she instructed we were to write two examples of how our lives would be different if one of the three options were to occur.

1. We were born the opposite sex of what we are now.
2. We were born a difference race or ethnicity.
3. We were born into a different social class.

I picked number one because soon as I heard it I immediately thought, "Holy shit. I'd be straight." I know. I'm dorky that way. So I write that down on the paper and I wrote that I probably would've felt more... normal or accepted as a teenager back in the 90's. Then I gave the paper to my neighbor and she gave me hers and we had to discuss it briefly before everyone in the class had to share their answers.

When it got to me I said I chose the option of being born a different sex. I said exactly what I wrote down in my first answer and that was, "I'd be straight." Every other answer in the class lead to some discussion but mine was just...


Seriously? lol. So weird. I'm not looking forward to the inevitable discussion on sexual orientation that's happening in May according to the syllabus. This stuff is why I dreaded gender studies. Lame.

In other news, the gf introduced me to Pistachio ice cream this week and oh my god, it's super fucking yummy. Tonight she plans on making a drink from 3 Olives Chocolate vodka and Dr. Pepper or Coke. Katie claims it's just as good as mixing Midori Melon liquor and Mountain Dew and if that's the case I really look forward to tasting it. I swear, I've never tried more new things than I have when I started dating her. It's so fun.
dreiser: (Sign: Feed Pigeons Lose Fingers)
Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 08:55 pm
I sometimes feel like an advertisement cooking character. Or is she a character? She might have been real. Anyway, for those who aren't aware my girlfriend, Michi, the tiniest and cutest of Asian nerdy Math Professors is also a bottomless black hole of food consumption.

Once she ate a whole box of croutons simply because it was there.

That is typical behavior, so much so that her fellow professors and students have taken to leaving random odd food items in her office to see if she'll eat them. Jar of black olives, pigs feet, hot peas, dried squid... it goes on and on and yes, she eats every last thing they leave her. I said black hole, did I not?

Despite her immense love of food and her freakish inability to gain weight, which makes me both love and hate her, Michi hasn't the littlest bittiest idea of how to make a meal herself. Since I'm leaving tomorrow for Otakon and I won't be back until Monday I've made her several precooked meals. A lunch and a dinner for every day I'll be gone and put them in neat tupperware containers complete with post it note labels on how to reheat. Nice of me, yes? Betty Crocker of me, yes? I'm the best gf ever, yes?

Thank you so much. Michi thinks so too. That's why she's currently eating one of the meals. Thus making my entire nerdy ass preventative keep the gf from starving measures completely moot. Honestly, I won't be surprised if I come back and find she ate a loaf of Wonder Bread for dinner one night.

Given her ineptitude for housework I'm contemplating on writing instructions on how to properly work the washer and dryer according to her nicer school related work outfits. I can see her destroying a $500 suit. Or I could just order her to use dry cleaning for the days I'm gone. Hmmm.